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European tourist finally flies home after 110 days stranded at Manila airport

Finally, Roman Trofimov, a European tourist flies home after 110 days being hold-up at Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA).

Roman has been stuck since he arrived from Bangkok on March 20 due to the virus pandemic. His entire flight schedule going to Estonia was cancelled and just like as many stranded passengers he stayed at the departures area of the Philippines' busiest airport. 

His appealed on social media to aid his repatriation went viral and many have echoed his story from Tom Hanks movie 'The Terminal', a European tourist stranded in JFK Airport after a travel restriction from his home country due to coup situation.

Roman, was travelling in south-east Asia but his journey has turned into chaos when the Philippines is closing its borders. The time he arrived at the airport, unlucky Roman doesn't get his tourist visa where he was scheduled to fly to Cebu on the same day on March 20 and a return flight to Bangkok on April 2.

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