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Man run out of house naked to save niece from kidnappers

After hearing screaming voices outside their house, this man was quick to respond thinking his 11-year-old niece had been abducted. 

Nathan Murphy, 29, from Ormesby, experienced a surreal embarrassment - leaving his family members and friends in a good laughed after chasing a van he believe to have taken his niece.

On a CCTV footage, it could be seen a chaotic scene where a woman screamed with other members of the family following her outside their house running into the road. Fueled with adrenaline rush, Nathan directly run towards his father's car. 

"I’d been asleep and as I was waking up all I heard was screaming. 

"I opened the window and thought someone had been run over or was getting stabbed or something. 

"I jumped up out the bed, tried to find my clothes and I ended up just grabbing a t-shirt thinking it was my bottoms and I flew downstairs.

"When I was on the front I heard ‘kidnap’ and thought ‘wow, this is serious’. I’m a big lad, I’m 18 stone, but I can move when I need to and because the adrenaline was rushing through me I went weak in the legs and I just fell over. 

"As I got in the car I saw Lucy come round the corner, so I got out and that’s when the embarrassment kicked in," Nathan explained.

The 64-year-old retired bricklayer Nathan's father Michael, shared the incredible CCTV footage on Facebook which quickly went viral.

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