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Poor dog's tongue partially cut off by groomer

 A pet groomer accidentally cut off the tongue of the poor pup during a grooming service in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Scott ended up "weeping in pain" after the mishap. 

According to reports, Scott began to squirm during the trim and the groomer accidentally cut off a chunk of his tongue.

Vanda Souza, the owner of the dog, took to social media and expressed her anger, revealing her pooch appears traumatized with bleary-eyed in photos taken after the accident.

"Today we took him for a trim, and when I went to pick him up, this is what I came across.

Credit: Newsflash

“They cut his tongue. My heart can't take all this sadness. I even paid for this because they charged me. Unbelievable," she said.

She described Scott as a happy dog, but "today my dog's eyes are weeping from pain and fear," she further explained.

Credit: Newsflash

"He still hasn't eaten or even drunk. Take care of your animals. Take them to whoever does their job lovingly. My Scott, my boy, my four-legged son, I want justice," she added.

Vanda's post has since gone viral, receiving thousands of reactions and shares on social media.

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