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China becomes second country after US to place a flag on the moon

 After over 50 years since the United States placed the first human flag on the moon, China has become the second country to leave its communist flag on the lunar surface.

On the way home! #ChangE5 blasted off from the #moon with the lunar samples. Source: Hua Chunying / Twitter.

On a tweet shared by China's foreign ministry spokesperson Hua Chuying, it shows the images of the Republic of China's flag taken by a camera on the Chang'e-5 space probe, before it left the moon on Thursday and on its way back to earth.

The Chang'e-5 also carries the first samples of the lunar soil after decades since the the United States and Russia did it.

The rocks sample from the moon would help Chinese scientists to determine the age of the moon. China's moon mission also a testing phase of its current technology for further lunar as well as Mars missions.

China has also plans to send humans to the moon and to work out something similar on Mars mission. They have sent also a spacecraft flying to the Red Planet, with hopes of touching down in May next year. The country also plans of building a permanent crewed space station by 2022. 

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