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I'm an engineer and my husband is a tricycle driver

 Does the status of your partner matter?

While many couple now a days are more realistic than romantic by the time they wed, a soon-to-be Mrs. Nolasco who is an engineer demonstrated that love knows no boundaries. 

Source: Meiiot Vargas / Facebook

In a now viral photos shared on Budgetarian Bride Facebook page, a bride who's an engineer in profession captioned a series of photos she posted on her social media account - revealing her fiancé is a tricycle driver. 

"Maaring hindi ideal ang aming lovestory. Engineer ako, tricycle driver sya. Pero never naming pinag awayan yung mga propesyon namin," she said.

Source: Meiiot Vargas / Facebook

Being together for 14 years with her partner, their status wasn't a topic to worried about. Though they have different financial earnings that certainly could cause tension between a partner, but still it wasn't an issue. 

"Pwedeng tumaas ang kilay ng iba pag nalaman nila kung ano trabaho niya, pero who cares mamsh? Hahaha. Hindi lahat ng kailangan mo, iaasa mo sa magiging asawa mo. Pwede niyo pagtulungan kung anuman ang pangarap ng bawat isa sainyo.

"Pagkalipas ng labing apat na taon, ito na. Malapit na," she added.

Source: Meiiot Vargas / Facebook

But as their relationship progressed from dating to engagement to marriage, their financial background and upbringing started to play bigger roles in their merging lives.

It is very evident to say that behind many successful woman are supportive man.

In such cases the role of the husband is pivotal, just as the role of the wife is vital to a man’s confidence in his workplace. For men who support their wives’ wish to work, it is not the financial gain that is important but the gain in their wives’ well-being and self-esteem, which in turn reflects on their own and their families’ happiness.

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