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Bride cancels wedding after groom fails to recite simple math test

 It's a quit! 

An Indian bride suddenly canceled her wedding after her groom incorrectly recited two items in the multiplication table during their ceremony in the state of Ultra Pradesh in India.

The unidentified bride and groom were supposed to have the wedding for their arranged marriage on May 1. Doubtful about her future husband's educational background, the bride decided to test his knowledge during the ceremony.

Before they could officially tie the knot, the bride gave the groom a quick math test. When he failed to recite the multiplication table of two, the bride walked out of the wedding venue saying, "she could not marry someone who did not know basic math," the reported.

“He may not have even gone to school. The groom’s family had cheated us. But my brave sister walked out without fearing social taboo,” she was quoted as saying in a report.

Both families decided to come up a compromise agreement which included returning all the gifts and jewelry they gave each other. 

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