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A father of the world's largest family dies with 39 wives and 94 children in India

 Ziona Chana, 76, who had 39 wives and 94 children and was said to be the head of the world's largest family has died in north east India on Sunday. All of them are living together in a four-storey pink house with about 100 rooms in Baktwang in Mizoram state.

Ziona founded a local Christian sect named Chana in 1942 which allowed polygamy for men. He married his first wife when he was 17 and said to have married 10 women in a year. 

They shared a dormitory near his private bedroom and locals said he liked to have seven or eight of them by his side at all times.

With a total of 167 members, his family is the world's largest, although this depends on whether you count Mr. Ziona's 33 grandchildren.

The chief minister of Mizoram confirmed his death on twitter, saying the village of Baktawng had become a "major tourist attraction" because of the family.

The mansion is a major tourist attraction in the state, with people from around the world thronging the village to get a peek into a family's lifestyle. 

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