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Korean Vlogger tries DIY deep frying towel that look like a real fried chicken

 While everyone are curious about Jollibee's viral deep fried towel controversy, a Korean vlogger Mr. Bulbul made a little "experiment" to see whether the incident is intentional or not.

Before he proceeded to his actual experiment, Mr. Bulbul said that he was surprised to see the deep fried towel which look like a real "chickenjoy".

"I don't know what happened in detail. So I can't tell if it was a fake (intended) or just a simple mistake," he said.

"I was just so amazed by its look," he added.

The curious vlogger started to cut a towel into half with one tied to a chopstick to create a chicken leg, while the other half he just freely coated with the breading.

Mr. Bulbul really surprised of the outcome, "this looks real!" "It even smells nice," he said.

He ended the video by revealing some "few possibilities" he found out during the entire experiment. 

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