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In a horrifying moment, a crocodile attacked a 68-year-old man who thought it was a plastic alligator. The incident happened at the Amaya View in Barangay Indahag, Cagayan de Oro City.

The victim is identified as Nemehias Chipada of Barangay Aposkahoy, Claveria, Misamis Oriental. Chipada's son, Samson Chipada, told Bombo Radyo that before his father was bitten by the 12-ft alligator, he first took a picture to one of the resort turtle's miniature before decided to move closer to the alligator which he thought it was made of plastic.

The shocking moment was captured on camera, showing Chipada struggling as he engaged in a close fight with the crocodile to free his arm. The old man took the rock under water and hit the alligator in the head. Thankfully he managed to escape and rushed to a safe placed for his medical needs.

According to the resort workers, Chipada managed to enter in the enclosed area with a warning signs. It was learned that it is a supposed birthday treat by his children for him who brought him in the place.

He was then brought to the nearest hospital for treatment and the resort promised to shoulder all Chipada's hospital bills.

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