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Man working in Subway fast food make sandwiches with baby strapped to his chest went viral

 Life is never easy for parents juggling a lot and working long hours. Just like in the case of a TikTok video that went viral, showing a man making sandwiches at Subway with a baby strapped to his body.

The video sparked social media attention which garnered over 3.5 million views at the time of this post. In the 15-second clip, Leslie Munoz a.k.a @lesliemunnoz offered a glimpse of the Subway sandwich-making employee while doing some parenting with a captioned: "I'm a Survivor". 

Lots of comment flooded in the comment section, applauding the video, and for the father who is doing a great job.

While many had assumed the man is the baby's father, Munoz clears that the guy in the Subway video is her coworker who "adores her son." Munoz said she's actually the mother of the baby and a single mom.

One of the comment said: "If I saw this at a local Subway, I would not be bothered. Sometimes childcare falls through."

Another one suggested: "As customers, we should be more accepting of children in the workplace." said: "If he gets fired for this I'm fighting everyone at subway."

Munoz told the Daily Dot she's a former employee of the Subway branch and made "a lot of close friends" who still care for her baby. The video was recorded during her recent visit to a friend/coworker which held her baby so she could eat.

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