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Brave people are  not just men but women as well. On Tuesday morning, these female rowers arrived in Hawaii.  These four amazing rowers made a history after rowing 2, 400 nautical miles from California to Hawaii. 

Libby Costello, Sophia Denison-Johnston, Brooke Downes and Adreinne Smith are from Lat35 team had a great Pacific Race. They rowed in San Francisco in June and reached in Honolulu in 34 days, 14 hours and 11 minutes.

The breathtaking journey of the four female rowers made possible as they took turns in rowing in two-hours shifts with an average of 90 minutes of sleep per day.

" I feel totally overwhelmed in the best way by love. And I'm also exhausted, " Denison-Johnson said in an exclusive interview.

It was their first time rowing in the deep ocean. They endured seasickness, airsickness, rough seas and body pain in their journey. During their voyage, only their boil-to order pre packed meals that kept their stomach full as they sailed the ocean. 

"I think something that I want people to take away is that these women are so incredible but we're not superhuman. There's nothing that we were born with that makes us any different than anybody else, " Downes said.

It was their online fans who motivated them to be strong and determined to sail. Their record-breaking journey has been a great challenge to others to believe that everything can be conquered once you pursue it. It was such a life-changing experience for these female rowers and inspires another people to go beyond what they want to accomplish.

"Inspired a bunch of different types of people and that's really important," Costello said.

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