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Lola Nena's viral ad with moving car hits the internet

 A bakery known for its old-fashioned donuts, Lola Nena's, took social media by storm with a cleverly edited video ad. The Facebook Reel showed a staff member opening x of donuts in the middle of the road, seemingly about to be hit by a reversing car.

The shocking edit left viewers momentarily panicked, with some like actress Neri Naig admitting to being scared. However, the trickery was quickly revealed, with the staff unharmed and the car driving away. This twist of humor earned the ad viral attention, with comments like "mini heart attack" and "I thought you were going to hit her!"

Lola Nena's capitalized on the buzz by sharing a "behind the scenes" video, showcasing the editing process and the staff member safely filming with passing vehicles.

This viral campaign highlights Lola Nena's playful marketing strategy and their signature donuts, promoting the idea of "heating them up for that warm, homemade goodness."

@lolanenas RE-AL or FA-KE. Oh noo FA-KE😜 #lolanenas #foryou #trend #bts #behindthescenes ♬ original sound - Lola Nena

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