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The Richest K-Pop Group

Held as “South Korea’s Greatest Export” by Time Magazine, K-Pop is one of the known group in the showbiz industry.

Billions of views on their music video in YouTube and makes them the most popular group gives greatest contribution to their country’s economy every year.

Music journalists and K-pop commentator Jeff Benjamin told Money Magazine in an interview, “We’re at a really exciting turning point. A lot more American record labels and American brands and companies are looking to see how they can tap into these artists”.
K-Pop definitely have a fair share of earnings. Money magazine recently compiled a list of the top earning groups in the K-Pop Industry.

Below are the Korean Pop top earning groups:

1. BTS –The group of handsome men “checks off all the boxes”. They took the best-selling album of the year. They sell 2.2 million and 1.8 million copies of Love Yourself, Answer and Love Yourself: Tear, respectively. They are no. 1 among K-Pop acts on Billboard’s World Digital Song Charts. Most of their revenue comes from album sales, concert tours and merchandise.

2. Twice – They are the reigning queens of K-Pop. They have endorsement deals from video, uniforms and chicken franchise, album and concert sales that enables to make money. They’re about to have the first stadium tour in Japan for a K-Pop girl group.

3. Blackpink – This girl group has a tour extensively and has Western appeal. They earned form their album and endorsement deals with Samsung, Louis Vuitton, Dior Beauty and Moonshot. They’re now preparing for an American tour in 2019 that will include the all-important stadiums.

4. TVXQ – They’re known to be the Eagles of K-Pop. They act as veteran in the industry. They bring in money through their concerts. Their massive tour in ASIA allowed them to continually make money. They set a record by selling 1 million tickets for its tour last year.

5. EXO – They are the K-Pop group who are known to sell records. They have endorsement deals with known brands and even Star Wars franchise. They are combination of Korean and Chines members, which enable them to sing Korean and Mandarin songs.

6. Seventeen –They are confusing group hence their group named seventeen but only 13 members. They used to have tour extensively.

7. Wanna One – They were technically “disbanded” but continues to spark and sell 438,000 physical copies of their album in the first week.

8. Red Velvet – Their group has been good about sustaining overseas interest. Their earning power is their endorsement, global concerts and international appeal. 

9. Got 7 – This is a multinational boy band form South Korea, U.S, Thailand and Hong Kong. They’ve reached around Asia and America.

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