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 A woman from the Philippine Air Force went viral for her Eco-friendly gown made of pull tabs.

Technical Sergeant, Richell Malibiran, was able to repurposed 20,000 pull tabs from soda cans and turned it into a Filipina gown and other accessories.


She asked online for donations of pull tabs to fulfill her needed pieces.

Malibiran is from the town of Mataas na Kahoy and was previously assigned in Fernando Airbase.

She started to collect soda can tabs since 2013 to supposedly purchase a wheelchair for her father.

“I told him I would continue his collection and use them in exchange for a wheelchair, but the number needed for the tabs kept increasing every time we were nearing the quota,” she said.

“So I bought my father a second-hand wheelchair instead and used the tabs we collected to create my first gown as a way to remember him. Most of the tabs used were from his collection,” she added.

Malibiran was inspired to create a unique masterpiece due to her advocacy to protect the environment and to inspire people about recycling their trash instead of throwing it away.

She had since created three gowns, umbrella, crown, and other stuff using pull tabs.

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