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The Japanese Fugaku is now the world's fastest supercomputer

A new fastest supercomputer have emerged in the recent Top500 supercomputer speed ranking. Fugaku, which was developed by Fujitsu (FJTSF) and government research institute Riken captured the top spot.

It was the first time Japan smashed the record of the long run US-China dominance since 2011.

      Photo by STR/JIJI PRESS/AFP via Getty Images

Fugaku has already been tested on fighting the coronavirus, simulating how droplets would spread in spaces, including diagnoses and therapeutics

Powered by Fujitsu's 48-core A64FX SoC, this supercomputer can perform 415.5 petaflops or 415,000 trillion computation a second, 2.8 times as fast as IBM's Summit which has taken the top spot previously.

So far, China dominated the list with the most number of system count with 226 supercomputer on the list, while the US and Japan has 114 and 30 respectively. However, the US-based systems has contributed the most aggregate performance with 644 petaflops over China's 565 petaflops.

This place goes to another IBM system, at Lawrene Livermore National Laboratory in California, while the fourth and fifth were taken by Chinese computers. Fugaku is set to be fully operational next year.

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