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Showing posts with label world. Show all posts
Filipino seaman finds himself a 'king' as solo passenger of Qantas airlines in Australia
NAS Academy breaks silence over Whang-Od Academy tag as a 'scam'
Bulacan baby named HTML goes viral
Woman from Mali gives birth to 9 babies
Camera captures Florida principal beating 6-year-old girl with paddle in front of her mother
'Disaster Girl' original viral photo taken some years ago sold at nearly $500,000
Mom says 10-year-old daughter suffers focal seizure caused by excessive use of gadgets
Woman gets pregnant three weeks apart while already pregnant
Heartwarming reunion of a Chimpanzee with former caretakers who saved him as baby melt hearts online
Teen with rare sleeping beauty syndrome can sleep for a weeks without waking up
Groom's mother discovers bride as her long-lost daughter through birthmark on wedding day
Rapper Bhad Bhabie made over $1-million after six hours debut on OnlyFans
Marine saluting his son for the first time goes viral
Single mom Filipina finds hope after kind-hearted couple help raise her son while juggling life in Alberta, Canada

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