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Twitter reacts after Taylor Swift dropped 'All Too Well' - fans are grilling Jake Gyllenhaal!
Man dressed as Joker injures 17 on Tokyo train
Russian woman gets 21 babies by surrogate in one year, but she wants more!
Elon Musk poises to be the first trillionaire on the planet
Dutch TikToker Rianne Meijer claim Chinese TV show changes her face in picture with show's actor while hugging her boyfriend
U.S. doctors successfully attach pig's kidney to human patient
Russian crew returns back to earth after filming first movie
Squid Game craze hits Abu Dhabi for real!
Pinay nurse working for cancer patients dies after fleeing robber pushed her in Times Square
Air India plane gets stuck under a footbridge goes viral
Salt Bae restaurant in the UK take social media by storm with £11 Red Bulls and £630 steaks in the menu
Jeff Bezos and Yuri Milner are investing for anti-aging startup
Brazil: Bank robbers strap hostages on car roofs as human shield
Afghanistan: Footage captures people fall to death after tying themselves to the wheels of a flying aircraft
TikToker Khabane Lame a.k.a. Khaby Lame now 'worth millions' after losing his job
Filipino seaman finds himself a 'king' as solo passenger of Qantas airlines in Australia
NAS Academy breaks silence over Whang-Od Academy tag as a 'scam'
Bulacan baby named HTML goes viral

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