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Showing posts with label technology. Show all posts
Israeli scientists uses 'Tiny Scissors' to kill cancer cells
China sends world's first 6G satellite into space
Elon Musk overtakes Mark Zuckerberg as world's third richest person
Philippines' startup rocket company 'OrbitX' to lead the world with biofuel space tech
Man save his car from flood by keeping it float
PlayStation 5 price in the Philippines, release date
This Japanese electric laptop-sized four wheels skateboard is super cool!
Apple unveils iPhone 12 series, 5G connectivity,
TikTok, WeChat to be removed from App store on Sunday
This motorized scorpion-inspired tail gaming station cost $US3,999
Japan successfully tests manned single seat flying car
The world's first transparent car ever built in America
Pinoys rank first in submissions for NASA's 'Send Your Name to Mars'
UAE successfully launches space mission to MARS from Japan
This Japanese smart face mask can translate your voice into nine languages
Philippine-based architects introduces floating homes for communities vulnerable to harsh natural calamities and no power infrastructures
Pinay food technology from Davao creates durian beer and we are excited!

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