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Dad draws open eyes on eyelids to let son believe that he still awake so he can take a power nap too!
Woman found 50-year-old love letters and photos in the ceiling of their house-she asked social media to track down the man to return the mystery stuff
Man Divorces Wife Two Days After Wedding After Finding Out She Was a Man
6-year-old boy launches own business during lockdown vows to become a millionaire one day
Senior high school student from Pampanga determined to succeed despite cleft palate
Grandson neglect the risk of infecting COVID-19, tries to save grandma's life by giving her mouth-to-mouth breathing
French farmer uses underwear to test if the soil is healthy
White woman caught on cam berating a Filipina exercising in California park goes viral
65-year-old grandma marries 24yo man she adopted as her son last year
British tourist in Bali rescued after 6 days in 4m deep well with broken leg after being chased by dog
4-year-old girl almost get blind due to excessive use of mobile phone
Alexis Ohanian: Reddit co-founder step down and asks to be replaced by a black candidate
Outrage sparked over the death of pregnant elephant after feeding her pineapple filled with explosives
Minnesota Police Accidentally Handcuffing Black Man FBI Agent Goes Viral
Scar left on the face of newborn baby girl after doctors accidentally cut during C-section
Chinese social media stars Real Life Vs. Instagram photos shock the internet
Monkeys attack lab worker in India and steals suspected COVID-19 blood samples
13-year-old boy earns four associate's degrees in two years

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