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Argentina legalises abortion up to 14th week of pregnancy
Nostradamus' 2021 predictions will be even more destructive than 2020
Viral boy who was left abandoned by his parents gets an incredible transformation
Massive explosion at downtown Nashville believed to be an "intentional act" - police
Tiny creatures caught on camera claim to be an alien sparks extraterrestrial debate online
Woman shares rare photo of her dad spending the remaining days of his life finalizing the grades of his students before he died
Only Martial Arts Master with steel balls can do this, better not to try this at home!
Thai fisherman finds whale vomit worth $3.2 million
Santa Claus who visited a care home infects 75 people with COVID-19
Pfizer says hackers steal COVID-19 vaccine data
Cebu resort owner gets flak for comments about mom's review: "Not an ideal place for a child with special needs"
Mystery illness sickens hundreds, kills 1 in India
Determined Illinois' woman who gave birth during bar exams now a lawyer
Watch: Fireball lights up Japan's night sky
China sends world's first 6G satellite into space

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