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Coronavirus found on frozen seafood packaging in China
South Korea: Atleast 30 people dead, thousands displaced after 42 days of rain that caused floods and landslide
South Korean YouTuber sets private parts on fire while on YouTube livestream, gets second degree burns
Cynthia Barker, daughter of OFW elected as mayor in England
Man run out of house naked to save niece from kidnappers
Social media influencer divorces husband, then marries her stepson
Hundreds of whales and dolphins in Faroe island slaughtered, sea turns red
Fish with human teeth and lips catch by fisherfolk went viral
Heartwarming photo captured moment elderly married couple for 62-years say goodbye in hospital
Man spends around P200,000 for a gold face mask during pandemic
Photo of newborn baby holding an IUD moment he was born goes viral
European tourist finally flies home after 110 days stranded at Manila airport
Life-size bat from the Philippines breaks the internet anew
Jealous family pet labrador mauls newborn twins to death
Barista gets over $93K tips after a customer without face mask shames him for not serving her went viral
Colombian woman positive for COVID-19 in coma gives birth to non-infected child
Baby born without arms and legs in India leaves doctors puzzled
1971 vintage tricycle from the Philippines still running in Vancouver, Canada

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