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Showing posts with label technology. Show all posts
Japan successfully tests manned single seat flying car
The world's first transparent car ever built in America
Pinoys rank first in submissions for NASA's 'Send Your Name to Mars'
UAE successfully launches space mission to MARS from Japan
This Japanese smart face mask can translate your voice into nine languages
Philippine-based architects introduces floating homes for communities vulnerable to harsh natural calamities and no power infrastructures
Pinay food technology from Davao creates durian beer and we are excited!
Fil-Australian Melanie Perkins becomes the youngest Aussie billionaire at the age of 32
This $300 Oura smart ring may track down coronavirus 3 days in advance before symptoms start to show
The Japanese Fugaku is now the world's fastest supercomputer
Gapan City to provide every household a fiber optics internet at PHP50/month
Alexis Ohanian: Reddit co-founder step down and asks to be replaced by a black candidate
UAE develops COVID-19 laser testing technology that gives result in seconds
Gen-San man creates Monocycle that you might seen only in movie
Scientists are developing smart face mask that lights up when it detects coronavirus
Artificial Intelligence Predicts Covid-19 Will End By July In The Philippines
Facebook Launches App Exclusively For Gaming!
iPhone SE 2020 is about half the price lower than iPhone 11, specs and price
Warning: Don't Click This Link If You See It On Messenger App

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